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Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime: Preamplifier without volume control

Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime
Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime

Just recently we told you that the French company Totaldac introduced the Amp-1-sublime power amplifier . Especially for working in one mono-brand system, the company released a pre-amplifier Totaldac 1- river-sublime , which, according to the manufacturer, is an ideal partner for the new “power”.

Preamplifier Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime

The Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime preamplifier does not have a volume control – this function is performed by the DAC volume control, however, in case the overall system gain is too high (DAC + amplifier + speakers + room), the analogue attenuation -15 can be activated in the preamplifier .5 dB via rear panel switch. This attenuator uses 12 Bulk Metal® resistors with 0.01% resistance accuracy from Vishay.

The Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime preamplifier is offered in two versions: a stereo version in one housing with unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs, and a monoblock version with an external power supply, unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs and balanced XLR inputs and outputs.

Preamplifier Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime

Totaldac D1-Driver-sublime specifications:

  • – High Class A bias current for naturally low output impedance and low distortion
  • — high-quality components and no capacitors in the signal path
  • Extremely low noise level thanks to discrete circuitry and external power supply
  • Voltage gain: 0 dB (factor x1) or attenuation -15.5 dB – selectable via rear panel switch
  • Input impedance: 12 kOhm
  • THD: 0.0025%
  • Main unit dimensions (W D): 360 x 110 x 290 mm
  • Power supply dimensions (W D): 122 x 65 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg

Price: $7200

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