Totaldac D1-Sublime, D1-Unity and D1-Triunity: New DACs for 2023

The French company Totaldac , specializing in the design and manufacture of the ultimate external digital-to-analog converters, introduced new products.

Two single-block models D1-Unity  and D1-Triunity , as well as a new four-block flagship DAC Totaldac D1-Sublime . All new products are built on the new Totaldac Unity proprietary architecture , which provides better clock distribution, lower jitter, lower R2R power rail impedance and minimal noise in the digital part. The R2R matrix uses precision resistors covered with Vishay foil ( Vishay Foil Resistors ).

The analog output stage is also completely updated, operating in pure class A and made on discrete elements. It provides output up to 3.5V single-ended and up to 7V balanced at low output impedance for best compatibility with preamps, integrated amplifiers, and power amplifiers (this system layout is also acceptable).


The entry-level D1-Unity builds on the new Totaldac Unity DAC architecture and accepts an optional network streamer board, making the Totaldac D1-Unity a Roon Ready certified network streamer.

The D1-Triunity repeats all the features of the D1-Unity, but uses three R2R ladders per channel instead of one, resulting in lower noise and better instrument separation.

The flagship D1-Sublime consists of four blocks – these are two D1-Triunity DACs operating in monoblock mode, a special version of the clock generator and an external power supply with three outputs. The kit includes two UP12 AES-EBU cables and a dedicated BNC sync cable. The Totaldac D1-Sublime DAC has a second single-ended and balanced output stage that can be used to drive a subwoofer or headphone amplifier without interfering with the main output.

The recommended retail price for the junior model D1- Unity in Europe is 12,500 euros . For the D1-Triunity model , you will have to pay 24,000 euros , and the flagship Totaldac D1- Sublime is offered for 50,000 euros .


Specifications and main features of Totaldac D1-Unity, D1-Triunity and D1-Sublime DACs:

– Digital inputs: 192 kHz asynchronous Xmos USB, 192 kHz coaxial RCA, 192 kHz AES-EBU, 96 kHz optical

–   Supported resolutions: 16 to 24 bit / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz (optionally supports DSD (DoP standard) on coaxial, AES-EBU and USB inputs)

–   Built-in configurable anti-jitter FIFO clock

– Analog output level: 3.5 Vrms (single-ended), 7 Vrms (balanced)

–   Volume control: adjustable via remote control and OLED display, works for all inputs

–   Phase polarity: controlled by remote control

– DAC compensation filter: no oversampling, activated or deactivated with the remote control.

– D1-Unity DAC Technology : R2R using 100 Vishay Foil Resistors

– D1-Triunity DAC Technology : R2R using 300 Vishay Foil Resistors

– D1-Sublime DAC Technology : R2R using 600 Vishay Foil Resistors

– Output stage: discrete transistors, class A

–   External power supply

–   Aluminum housing with solid pure copper anti-vibration plate

– DAC dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 110 x 290 mm

– Power supply dimensions (W x H x D): 122 x 65 x 180 mm

– Weight D1-Unity and D1-Triunity: 7 kg

– Total weight D1- Sublime: 32 kg

For new products as options are offered:

–    DSD Decoding Board (DoP)

– Front panel made of solid aluminum in silver color

–   115V power supply option

–   Coaxial digital input on BNC instead of RCA

–   2 or 3 way active crossover