Triode launches Evolution Pre tube preamplifier with remote control

Triode Evolution Pre - tube preamplifier with remote control
Triode Evolution Pre - tube preamplifier with remote control

The Japanese brand Triode has introduced the Evolution Pre tube preamplifier , which has expanded the Evolution series of electronic components. In addition to the preamp, the line includes Evolution and Evolution 300 30th Anniversary integrated amplifiers , which can be configured as power amplifiers. It is to work with these models in power amplifier mode that the Triode Evolution Pre is designed. However, there are no obstacles to use it with “assistants” from other manufacturers.

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The preamplifier follows the strict laconic design of the components of the Evolution series – in the center of the front panel there is a large information display, and to the left and right of it there are on / input selector and volume knobs. The body is made of high quality aluminum with a black tinted finish. It combines a steel chassis and aluminum panels.

Components for Triode Evolution Pre are carefully selected and are of high quality. A high-quality, servo-driven variable resistor from Muses is used for volume control. The power supply has a large R-core power transformer.

Triode Evolution Pre tube preamp consoleA distinctive feature of the Triode Evolution Pre preamplifier was the presence of a remote control, which is not often seen in tube technology. In addition to turning the power on and off, you can use the remote control to adjust the volume, activate the Mute mode, and adjust the brightness of the information display. There is also the possibility of direct selection of the active input.


Triode Evolution 300 30th Anniversary Integrated AmplifierThe Triode Evolution Pre has four 12AX7 vacuum double triodes, a pair for each channel. The frequency response of the preamplifier extends from 16 Hz to 170 kHz (-1 dB). The signal-to-noise ratio reaches 90 dB. The switching arsenal includes four analog unbalanced inputs on RCA connectors and one analog unbalanced output. The dimensions of the amplifier are 440 x 100 x 320 x 100 mm (width x height x depth), weight – 8 kg.

The Triode Evolution Pre preamplifier will go on sale in Japan in September for a suggested retail price of 396,000 yen , which is about $2700 at the current exchange rate.

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