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Triode TRX-4: An improved version of the 2010 tube preamp

Triode TRX-4
Triode TRX-4

Japanese manufacturer Triode is expected to introduce tube preamplifier TRX-4 in September this year. It will be an improved version of the TRX-1 model that has been on the market for fourteen years. Price information for the Benelux has not yet been announced.

Triode TRX-4

Japan-based Triode Corporation was founded in 1994 by President Junichi Yamazaki in Koshigaya Saitama. It started as a small company in his garage with the aim of creating very high quality audio amplifier products that can be sold worldwide at an affordable price. aimed at tube lovers who only want real music and nothing else. After a few years, Triode began to attract attention from all over the world and expanded its range of tube electronics with very high quality models. Triode has approximately twenty models of tube amplifiers and they say they are known for their high-quality sound and reliability.

The latest model is the TRX-4 tube preamplifier, which is expected to arrive in September 2024. The main difference between the new version and its predecessor is the modified power supply circuit in which Schottky diodes are placed. This would significantly improve the reliability of the power supply.

The amplifier uses four 12AX7 tubes and the specified frequency range is from 10 Hz to 100 kHz with an S/N ratio of at least 91 dB. The new TRX-4 has specified dimensions of 340 x 310 x 185 millimeters and weighs 10.5 kilograms. Upon purchase, customers receive a protective cover and a power cord.

Further details, photos and pricing information are not yet available.

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