Updated Elipson Music Center Connect HD gets built-in Wi-Fi

Updated Elipson Music Center Connect HD gets built in Wi Fi

Elipson has announced an updated all-in-one audio system Music Center Connect HD in the Connected line. Outwardly, the novelty does not differ from its predecessor three years ago – the same round case with a monochrome display, a slot in the disc receiver and touch control under them. But the switching panel was replenished with a LAN connector, and a Wi-Fi module appeared on board.

Wi-Fi is useful, for example, for playing audio files from a local network. Music Center Connect HD itself is ready to process 24-bit Hi-Res or output a CD-quality signal to a multi-room based on proprietary components. Added to this was access to Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Internet radio, etc.

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As before, there is a built-in class D amplifier on board with “comfortable”, according to Elipson, a power of 2 x 120 W and ICE Power technology. There is also a DAB / FM tuner on board, the aforementioned CD player and aptX HD capable Bluetooth module. In addition, Music Center Connect HD received a subwoofer output with an adjustable low-pass filter in the range of 50-200 Hz.

Using the Elipson Connect app, the device can be connected to other Elipson multi-room products, such as the Planet W35 wireless speaker .

Elipson Music Center will be available later this month.

Elipson Music Center Connect HD will be priced at £ 900 in the UK.

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