Vertere Acoustics Saber MM: AlNiCo Magnet and Screw Assembly in Aluminum Case

Vertere Acoustics Saber MM Cartridge AlNiCo Magnet and Screw Assembly in Aluminum Case

The Saber turntable cartridge, presented by the British firm Vertere Acoustics, uses the Moving Magnet (MM) technology. The model is made by hand. The total weight of the novelty, which received a case made of solid aluminum alloy, is 10.3 g.

For a tight connection with the shell, three ground contact planes are made on the upper part of the case. For installation on Vertere tonearms, there is a special tab at the top of the front.

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The pickup itself is fixed in the body with four spike screws – their tightening is normalized for the exact parameters of the system. This glue-free technology, according to Vertere, is only used in the Saber. So, in particular, it is possible to precisely set the position of the console.

The Saber MM system uses a lightweight AlNiCo magnet – the most musical of all, according to the company. A micro-elliptical diamond needle measuring 7.5 x 15.5 µm is attached to an aluminum needle holder. The novelty is promised a range of up to 25 kHz with an output swing of 4.0 mV and a channel separation of no worse than 22 dB. The recommended load capacity is 100-200 pF, and the clamping force is 2 g.

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The Saber case has a pair of threaded holes for fixing. Branded stainless steel screws included.

In Europe, the Vertere Acoustics Saber MM cartridge will cost 1,150 euros.

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