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Victrola Premiere V1: All-in-One Turntable with a Wireless Subwoofer

Victrola Premiere V1

Renowned for their vintage design turntables, Victrola has unveiled the Premiere V1, an all-in-one turntable with audio system. The stereo speakers were placed in the body of the turntable itself, behind a neutral black grill. But the active subwoofer is reasonably separated from the head unit – this is a 6.5-inch driver in a cube-shaped case that uses a wireless connection.

Everything together is ready to go right out of the box. Vinyl Stream technology will allow you to stream the sound of the record from Premiere V1 via Bluetooth to compatible speakers or headphones. The proprietary, patented vibration and shock protection is said to keep the needle from jumping, even during everyone’s dancing to Premiere V1.

The system has an optical input to which you can connect a digital audio source such as a TV. The player itself is equipped with a cover that protects a metal disc with a silicone mat and a tonearm with pressure and anti-skating adjustments from dust. To control the novelty, a remote control is provided, and on the front panel for the same purpose there is a laconic backlit encoder.

In the UK, the Victrola Premiere V1 multi-function turntable will cost £ 400.

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