Vincent KHV-200: Hybrid Headphone Amplifier developed by Frank Blöhbau


Vincent has unveiled the Vincent KHV-200 hybrid headphone amplifier. The strong point of the novelty is its adaptability to the impedance of the headphones, which can differ tenfold in different modern models. This was achieved precisely due to the hybrid design.

The KHV-200 circuitry was developed by Frank Blöhbau. At Vincent, he specializes in hybrid, tube-semiconductor amplifiers. His authorship belongs to such well-known models as SV-237MK , SV-737 or SA-T7 .

Vincent KHV 200

At the input of the KHV-200 are two low-noise E180F pentodes, complemented by an ECC82 dual triode. The device receives and sends linear signals through RCA connectors, and there are AUX and CD inputs, adjustable preout and recording output.


Headphones can be connected to the front 6.3 mm output or to the 4-pin XLR on the rear panel. There is also a gain switch that allows you to reduce the gain level by 8 dB. The novelty is released in a silver or black metal case.

In Europe, the Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier will cost 1,000 euros.

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