VPI Shyla: Cartridge with Boron needle holder and 0.6 mVp-p p-p output

VPI Shyla

The VPI Shyla MC cartridge is the result of joint developments of the American company VPI Industries and the Japanese Audio-Technica, which used its flagship ART series for the novelty.

Shyla is equipped with a Special line contact needle on a 0.26 mm boron needle holder – said to provide high tracking accuracy. The range of reproducible frequencies as a result stretched to the outrageous 50 kHz – while the novelty, according to the manufacturer, showed special advantages in the mid-frequency range.

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Shyla’s conductors are made from monocrystalline PCOCC copper, and the neodymium magnet is complemented by a permendura stabilizer. All this made it possible to obtain a considerable 0.6 mV at the output.

Shyla’s design with improved internal damping in a hybrid combination housing reduces intrinsic resonance and equalizes response. Mounting is simplified thanks to threaded fixing holes.

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