xDuoo MT-604: Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

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xDuoo has released a new model of the xDuoo MT-604 balanced headphone amplifier , which has a hybrid amplifier path.

The preliminary stage is built on four double triodes 6J1 , and the output stage in class A is made on transistors and is capable of developing power up to 2 watts with a load of 32 Ohm resistance .

xDuoo MT-604

The model has a fully balanced circuit, the inputs and outputs are organized on XLR connectors and 4.4 mm jacks. In the sound path, only high-quality components are used, including capacitors from Rubycon and Nichicon , volume control is separate for each channel. The device weighs 0.55 kilograms .


xDuoo MT-604

The xDuoo MT-604 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier retails for 1,699 .

More info:  xDuoo

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