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xDuoo TA-26S: Tube amplifier with preamp for your headphones

xDuoo TA-26S
xDuoo TA-26S

xDuoo brand has released an updated version of the TA-26S headphone amplifier , which has an additional 4.4mm balanced jack in addition to the standard 6.35mm jack .

ImageThe amplifying part is built on 6N8P and 6N5P tubes , the model provides an RCA output from the pre-amplifier for connection to an external power amplifier or active speaker systems. The device is enclosed in an aluminum case, the panels of which have been sandblasted.

ImageThe amplifier is designed to connect headphones with impedance from 60 to 600 ohms , output power is 500 mW . The declared signal-to-noise ratio is 110 dB . Amplifier dimensions – 250 x 110 x 160 mm , weight – 3.9 kg .



The xDuoo TA-26S Tube Headphone Amplifier can be ordered online for $319,  excluding shipping.

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