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Xuelin Clear is a new Hi-Fi player that let’s you listen with a friend

Xuelin Clear
Xuelin Clear

Xuelin Clear is a new Hi-Fi player with two ES9038 chips and two outputs of 3.5 and 4.4 mm. There are versions with 64 and 128 GB of internal memory.

Xuelin Clear

Xuelin Clear

Features of Xuelin Clear

  • 1. Pure tone system, main control unit power consumption is extremely low, the code is cleaner. Lower jitter and latency compared to Android system.
  • 2. 5 flagship op-amps Opa1612 + 2 Opal622 Ti, providing approximately 1 in 100,000 ultra-low THD.
  • 3. 14 TQC 107 polymer capacitors provide independent power to each op amp, the ESR is only 55mOhm, which is only 10% of ordinary tantalum capacitors, providing clean energy.
  • 4. Two ES9038Q decode left and right channels independently, providing maximum separation.
  • 5. Independent organization of the CS8421 clock generator, jitter is reduced by one order of magnitude to 50ps.
  • 6. The output voltage reaches 7V VPP in single-ended mode, which is 5 times that of ordinary products, and can easily drive high-impedance large headphones.
  • 7. Ultra-low noise (16 µV) instrument grade LDOs Tps7a30 and Tps7a47 provide analog power.
  • 8. TCXO crystal oscillator with a frequency of 27MHz + 50MHz ensures stable and high-precision digital signal timing.
  • 9. CNC aluminum body + tempered glass with 4 inch screen.

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What are the weaknesses of HiFi?

In the analog part. The DAC chip was upgraded from the early WM8740 to the AK4499 after ten iterations, and the analog part remained largely stagnant for decades. Most manufacturers choose to upgrade the DAC to get more benefits, and CLEAR has been researched many times in terms of modeling and made from high quality materials to deliver amazing HIFI-level listening enjoyment.

Xuelin Clear

16uV ultra-low noise power supply

To achieve precise balance, the Japanese KOA thousand-point switching resistor is used as feedback/load resistance, which not only has high precision, temperature drift, but is only 10% of ordinary carbon film. The purity of the analog power supply directly impacts performance. To solve this problem, Xuelin used TI’s TPS7A30 and TPS7A49 instrument-grade power supply ICs in CLEAR, which feature ultra-high power supply rejection ratio (RSRR) and output noise as low as 16 µV/RMS. This not only allows you to meet wide requirements for input voltage and minimum noise levels, but also leaves maximum flexibility for dealing with transients.

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6063A magnesium alloy body

The body is made of 6063A magnesium aluminum alloy, integral CNC machining, surface anodizing. Classic and modern elements are highly integrated, giving the ID an exquisite appearance, more in line with the preferences of professional players. Thanks to Xuelin’s 20 years of audio development experience, extensive tuning and testing, CLEAR achieves an output SNR of 126 dB at 7.1 V and low distortion of 0.008%, laying a solid foundation for high-quality sound.

POSCAP Polymer Capacitive Matrix

Most power capacitors used in portable players are tens of micrometers in size, which limits sound dynamics and sense of scale, and also reduces sound clarity. CLEAR uses 14 pcs to power the analog circuitry. 100UF POSCAP capacitors. The ESR of POSCAP capacitors is approximately 90% lower than conventional tantalum capacitors, resulting in better frequency and transient response

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