Yamaha RX-V6A: New seven-channel AV receiver

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Refined, powerful and powerful, the new Yamaha RX-V6A follows the latest trends in the AV industry. Current technical capabilities include full support for modern gaming content, both existing and expected in the gaming industry. “We have completely redesigned the AV receiver to meet new user needs. Support for high-speed content on the latest consoles and platforms creates an immersive environment that literally puts you in the center of what is happening on screen. Enjoy the immersive experience you and your loved ones deserve, ”  says Yoshi Tsugawa , Senior General Manager, Home Audio Division , Yamaha Corporation Japan .

Yamaha RX-V6A is a new seven-channel AV receiver

The modern appearance of the Yamaha RX-V6A receiver is combined with the widest possibilities:

•   Support for Dolby Atmos® format with virtual height synthesis function: this innovative development places the viewer in the center of the action by placing sound sources at different points in the room, including at the top of the room;

•   Support for CINEMA DSP 3D: includes a large amount of data on the sound field of famous concert halls and music clubs around the world to recreate the acoustics of large rooms within the walls of your home;

•   Function Music Enhancer (Enhanced playback of music in compressed format): restores compressed audio so that it sounds as it was originally intended;

•   Amplifier stages with high slew rate of the output signal: react to rapid changes in parameters at the input for accurate and stable signal transmission;

•   Support for video with a high dynamic range HDR10 +: provides deeper contrast and more realistic images, which are in line with the intention of the creators;

•   Supports 4K / 120Hz video: Provides high refresh rates for smoother, more lifelike images.

Yamaha RX-V6A is a new seven-channel AV receiver
Functions designed specifically for gaming (ALLM, VRR, QMS, QFT)

Advanced gaming and multimedia features provide even smoother motion and transitions in games, movies and videos. These include: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM ) automatically sets the ideal latency for smooth viewing as well as quick response to commands. The variable update frequency ( Variable Refresh Rate, VRR ) reduces or eliminates the delay interruption and rupture of the image, making the gameplay more smooth and detailed. Fast Multimedia Switching ( Quick Switching Media, QMS ) for film and video eliminates delay, which may cause the contents of empty frames before mapping. Fast frame transmission ( the Quick the Frame Transport, of QFT) reduces signal latency for smoother gaming and real-time interactive VR experiences.

Yamaha RX-V6A is a new seven-channel AV receiver

Main technical characteristics of Yamaha RX-V6A AV-receiver:

• 7.2-channel AV receiver, amplifiers 7 x 100 W;

• Support for video with parameters 4K / 120 Hz;

• Support for video with high dynamic range HDR10 + (in future updates);

• Ports HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.3 and eARC (4 input / 1 output);

• Automatic sound calibration system for the acoustic characteristics of the room YPAO;

• Control via voice assistants (availability depends on the region);

• Support for multi-room technology MusicCast

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