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Yamaha x Roon: AV and stereo receiver now Roon Tested


Yamaha has recently achieved Roon Tested certification for its inaugural range of AV and stereo receivers, as announced by the renowned Japanese audio entertainment company. This certification ensures that users with supported devices do not need to undertake any firmware updates. Once AirPlay is enabled as an audio input, these certified devices automatically appear as playback options within the Roon app.

The Roon App is celebrated for its music management capabilities and functions as a robust music server software. It enables users to integrate and play their personal music collections alongside content from various streaming services, all within their own Roon network. The application is designed to amalgamate content from multiple sources, allowing users to effortlessly manage and play both their personal media and Hi-Res streaming favorites through a user-friendly interface. This integration ensures that searches cover all sources and that playlists from different platforms are easily accessible. The “Roon Tested” designation signifies that Yamaha’s network-compatible devices can seamlessly integrate with the Roon network via Airplay, with full access to all software functionalities.

To integrate Roon into your home music system, a central component known as the Roon Core is required, in addition to a playback device. The Roon Core acts as the control center, managing the organization and overall music management behind the scenes. Although a PC, Mac, or Linux computer can serve as the Core, it’s not the most ideal option due to the necessity for the Core to be operational continuously.

Yamaha RX A8A 02

Opting for a server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) emerges as a superior choice from a technical standpoint. In this setup, the AV or network receiver is linked to the Roon Core. After the initial setup, the Roon Core accesses media stored on a hard drive or streaming services. This configuration allows for effortless searching of music libraries via smartphones or tablets, enabling users to play titles with ease. The integration with Roon significantly enhances the capabilities of the receiver, offering users a range of new functionalities. As of now, it remains uncertain if and when more models will achieve Roon Tested certification in the future.

Yamaha RX 6VA 03

Since this is a series of receivers, here is a tabular overview of Yamaha’s “Roon Tested” certified products:


Aventage AV receiver: RX-A8A
Av receiver: RX-V6A
RX-V4A TSR-700
Network receiver: R-N2000A

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