Chinese audio equipment manufacturer Yulong has begun shipping a versatile Yulong DA1 model that combines the functions of a DAC, headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier.

The digital block of the device is built on the top- end AK4499EQ chip from Asahi Kasei and can work with PCM 32/768 and DSD512 files. The model also uses a proprietary FPGA-based jitter reduction solution.

The volume control in the model is completely analogue with digital control. For connecting headphones, balanced (6 V) and unbalanced (3 V) outputs are provided, the amplifying stages operate in class A.

Digital inputs include coaxial and optical, AES / EBU and USB, and weighs 4 kilograms unpacked. The Yulong DA1 has a retail price of $ 2,499.

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