Zesto Audio Reference Grade: Updated model of the universal phono stage 2016

Zesto Audio Reference Grade updated model of the universal phono stage 2016

The American company Zesto Audio has released the Reference Grade phono stage . The company calls it Andros Tessera Reference Phonostage (T-REF) . The work of the novelty is based on the model of the same name in 2016, however, in contrast to it, the Reference Grade 2021 phono stage received an updated design of all microcircuits, power supplies and components.

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On the rear of the unit, users will find 2 MC and 2 MM inputs to work with any cartridge. Under the phono stage cover there are 12DW7 / ECC832, 12AU7, 12AX7 lamps, a new design of the ESP power supply using three toroidal transformers, upgraded components and updated circuitry.

This 100% tube phono stage can be purchased for $ 18,000 .

More info: zestoaudio.com

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