Samsung Cool Select Zone: Independent cooling inside your fridge

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If you are thinking of buying a new refrigerator, surely you have been looking at models and models for several days and you are almost an expert in the field. But surely, by now, you have already realized that when buying your new refrigerator you should not only take into account its height or if it has an ice dispenser on the door.

The technologies that equip these appliances can give you many clues about their performance when you have them at home. Therefore, today we want to answer one of the most common questions that you send us:  what is Samsung’s Cool Select Zone?

What is Samsung’s Cool Select Zone

Today we want to go into more detail so that you can have more knowledge on the subject and know well what you are buying. Do not forget that information is power and to make a good purchase decision you need to have as much information as possible on the table.

CoolSelect Zone  is a technology that allows you to have a refrigerator inside another, virtually, thanks to a compartment that can be controlled independently from the rest of the interior space. In this compartment we can adjust the temperature according to the storage, the needs of the products we have in it or even the time of year.

This Samsung technology allows you to change the temperature by pressing just one button. It has three modes:

  • Quick Cool (-5ºC): For a gentle freezing. For example, to quickly chill the beers you just bought for that unexpected visit.
  • 0ºC zone: Ideal for preserving meat and fish in better conditions.
  • Cool mode (3ºC): Ideal for fruits and vegetables.


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