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Ufesa uFry AF3500: Air fryer for healthier cooking

The Ufesa uFry AF3500 is the new oil-free air fryer with which the well-known brand expands its range of kitchen appliances. This product promises high performance and healthier food processing without losing the appeal of fried foods.

Ufesa uFry AF3500, all the flavor and less fat

The advantages of air fryers are becoming more and more known, a really interesting alternative for lovers of fried foods looking to eat healthy. One of the brands that joins this market trend is Ufesa with the launch of a new uFry . It is the AF3500 model , where the company incorporates the best technology to achieve its goal.

Product characteristics

Ufesa’s brand new reference uses a high-speed air circulation method , thanks to which food is cooked without the need for added oils . In this way, the user prepares his favorite dish by reducing the amount of fat required to a minimum without giving up the tasty crunchiness of frying. The result is lower calorie and healthier recipes .

Ufesa uFry AF3500

The device has very compact dimensions: 31.3 x 31.3 x 34 cm . This appliance has a power of 1,300 W , and has the capacity to cook a volume of up to 3.5 liters , allowing you to prepare generous portions.

More details of the fryer

In addition, we are facing a highly safe product, as an example, its cold touch body and handle . In other words, even during use, the appliance remains at room temperature. It also has an anti-slip base that ensures that the appliance stands stable on the kitchen table.

The new uFry is very easy to use, as it incorporates a timer of up to 60 minutes and temperature control with adjustment between 90ºC and 200ºC . Note that it includes the automatic shutdown function  , which means that once the programmed cooking time is reached, the fryer is deactivated. Supplied with accessories to get the most out of it, and both the air fryer bowl and pan are non-stick . These components are easily disassembled, allowing them to be cleaned quickly and conveniently.

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