Panasonic PT-RZ: A series of bright laser projectors

Panasonic PT RZ

Panasonic PT-RZ series single-chip WUXGA projectors are excellent solutions for equipping exhibitions and creating art installations. Accurate color reproduction, harsh environments, high reliability and ease of use make the projectors ideal for a wide variety of venues.

High quality color reproduction is provided by the Quartet Color Harmonizer color wheel and System Daylight View 3 technology , which allows you to maintain the brightness, contrast and color saturation of the image even with significant ambient light. This technology is especially important in museum installations and exhibition halls, where it is impossible to ensure perfect darkening of the space. High definition of the displayed picture is provided by the proprietary Detail Clarity Processor 3 technology .

Panasonic PT-RZ - a series of bright laser projectors

Control and configuration of PT-RZ series projectors is simplified as much as possible. With the Smart Projector Control smartphone app, you can control the motorized lens, select sources, check device status, and more. The autofocus function works with the smartphone camera and significantly speeds up the installation of projectors.

When projecting on surfaces with complex geometry, you can use the function of managing the picture on grids with a step from 2×2 to 17×17 with the possibility of overlaying several adjustment layers on top of each other. When using multiple projectors, edge stitching can be achieved without the need for external processors.

Panasonic PT-RZ - a series of bright laser projectors

For multi-projector installations, the automatic contrast adjustment function will also be useful, which will dynamically change and adjust the parameters of all images at once to obtain an extremely uniform projection. Brightness and color control systems work in a similar way, as a result of which you can achieve a solid image with uniform brightness and color reproduction.


High reliability is provided by a laser light source capable of operating in 24/7 mode and having a resource of 20,000 hours. A dual laser system, in which the diodes are grouped into two discrete modules, will ensure uninterrupted operation even if one of the diodes does fail. The projector will dim but not be damaged. Even the color rendition and the uniformity of illumination will not suffer.

The design of the projector is well protected from dust, smoke and other air contaminants. Cooling of laser diodes is performed using heat pipes, and the optical unit is hermetically sealed. The dust protection of the projectors far exceeds the toughest industry standards, so the projectors will last a long time without affecting picture quality. This is especially important in situations where regular access to projectors is difficult. The function of using a backup signal source will automatically connect it in case of a failure of the main one. It can be of decisive importance when creating monitoring and security systems, and in LIVE broadcasting, where a second of delay can be critical.

Models PT-RZ990 / PT-RZ990L have a luminous flux of 9,400 lm, PT-RZ890 / PT-RZ890L – 8,500 lm, PT-RZ790 / PT-RZ790L – 7,000 lumens, and PT-RZ690 / PT-RZ690L – 6 000 lm. There are 11 different lenses available for the PT-RZ series with focal lengths from 0.280: 1 to 8.58: 1, including ultra short throw zoom lenses.

The projectors can handle 4K / 60 HDMI inputs with HDCP 2.3 and Digital Link without the need for an external signal converter. The LAN and Digital Link connections use two separate interfaces, compatible with 100Base-TX and 10BaseT . Thus, control via Crestron , AMX or Extron protocols occurs through the LAN port , and the Digital Link terminal is used for video transmission. The maximum connection distance for the Digital Link protocol is 150 m.

High reliability, the widest range of functions and advanced customization options make the Panasonic PT-RZ series projectors the right solution for realizing the most daring ideas and creating exhibition installations of any complexity.

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