IKEA Gunnlaug: Noise-cancelling curtains

IKEA Gunnlaug

IKEA introduced Gunnlaug curtains with sound absorption effect. They are made of recycled polyester and can cope with the duties of ordinary curtains – they drape, hide and protect from the sun’s rays.

At the same time, according to IKEA, thanks to the special weaving of threads in the fabric, the Gunnlaug curtains “provide 50-100% more absorption of medium and high sound frequencies than other fabrics of similar quality and weight.”

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In addition, according to IKEA, Gunnlaug curtains are certified according to the ISO 354 standard – it is used to test the sound absorption ability of materials used for wall or ceiling decoration.

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It is possible to increase the effectiveness of sound-absorbing curtains by forming more folds out of them. Gunnlaug curtains were especially recommended to be used when it is necessary to reduce the unpleasant sounds accompanying the vigorous activity of roommates: the clinking of dishes, conversations, noise from moving chairs, etc.

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Ikea Gunnlaug curtains will cost $55 for a pair of curtains with dimensions of 145×300 cm.

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