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Opus Soundbed: Sound sources built into the bed

Opus has offered potential consumers a product called SoundBed. The device is marketed as a “home gym for the soul”. This is a fold-out bed with an original design, supported by rows of pyramids, which allows it to fold into a compact hexagon if necessary.

Sound sources built into the structure are designed to help you relax and immerse yourself in meditation. To do this, SoundBed must be used with the Opus mobile app. According to the company, SoundBed is a “life-changing” product. The bed heals with spatial sound and low-frequency vibrations. But headphones will also have to be connected to it.

In principle, you can listen to similar sounds for the same purposes for only $ 70 a year by purchasing a subscription to similar resources like Headspace or Calm. True, there are no audio beds there – you have to use ordinary headphones.

The SoundBed audio bed costs $ 2,000 in the US, but you can save $ 500 by pre-ordering soon.

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