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Redroad V17: Sleek, durable and affordable cordless vacuum cleaner

Even the smartest design could end up a disaster if realized through poor quality manufacturing. That’s why RedRoad insists on quality production so as to provide nothing but exquisite, sleek-looking, durable and user-friendly home appliances.

Like previous products, the upcoming RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner is an example of RedRoad’s high standards for material selection, appearance design and manufacturing process. Such quality production allows RedRoad V17 of stronger performance at more affordable price. RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner brings in two HEPA filters. With sophisticated air duct design, the inlet HEPA captures micro particles so they don’t block the motor. The H13 activated carbon HEPA at the outlet of circular air duct design makes sure that the outflow is cleaner than the air you breath. In contrast, Dyson has a more
traditional air duct and a single HEPA filter. It vacuums waste in, filters large waste pieces, and sends the air out.

RedRoadV17 has perfect anti-leakage performance of the dust cup. It has spinner wheels, double roller brush, 155AW strong suction, long battery life (maximum 60min), click-in detachable battery, and great air quality control (H13 HEPA

Top quality material

Material selection is fundamental for manufacturing. Under RedRoad’s strict quality control, only the best material, often of aerospace or medical production standard, is used. An example to prove this point is that many people are attracted by the crystal-like appearance of RedRoad products. It’s because of the high light-transmittance PC material, often used in optical lenses, RedRoad engineers chose. It’s also used in the flagship RedRoad V17 for a crystal and elegant look, and scratch-free performance

Good-looking design

Other than quality material, RedRoad weighs no less on choosing the colors. The eco-friendly coating of RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner, for example, comes from PPG and Musashi. With color profile, instead of adopting the normal method that uses computer color schemes, RedRoad adopted modular color schemes on smart phones straight away, through its research data base collected from multiple countries, which have been tested out the popularity and aesthetic degree to different color sets. The whole process took more than 200 tries and reviews.

The most precise molds even at cost

It’s fair to say that mold is the mother of manufacturing. And the quality of production depends primarily on how precise the molds are. Commonly accepted error of mold precision is within 30μm, but RedRoad insists that the deviation be kept within 10μm when producing RedRoad V17 cordless vacuum cleaner even though it costs millions of dollars. Higher precision of the parts ensures the fine look, stronger suction and lower noise because the smoother match can reduce friction, resonance and chance of leakage. A good product is the result of time, investment and experience.

Only the best machines and technicians

RedRoad has even higher standards for special parts. The water tank and sealing parts of vacuum cleaner, humidifier and electric iron, for example, are assembled by experienced technician for high precision. Following that is two sealing quality tests to make sure the core parts won’t break down in at least 10 years. Manual labor means increased cost, but better quality. A decent product is like a decent person, making the world a better place with better quality, look and strong capability help others. This is exactly why RedRoad only produces exquisite, sleek-looking, durable and user-friendly home appliances.

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