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Surface Go 2 and Surface Pro 7: New microsoft solutions for everyone

The new Microsoft Surface devices are here and invite you to find the one that suits you. The Microsoft Surface…
Surface Go 2

The new Microsoft Surface devices are here and invite you to find the one that suits you.

The Microsoft Surface series has 8 products that perfectly fit the needs of each user – whatever they are. At a time when remote work is the “new reality”, Microsoft Surface devices are coming to “button” perfectly in the life of the modern professional.

An alloy of design and performance, Microsoft Surface devices will allow you to work just as efficiently from wherever you are. They adopt a modern combination, with their main “trump cards”, of course, their low weight and their slim profile. At the same time they promise safe work with the Microsoft guarantee, full connectivity profile and top performance, even in the most demanding multitasking conditions.

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Two of the Surface devices we singled out are the Go 2 and Pro 7. Both fall into the “2-in-1” category with their flexible nature allowing them to meet the “wants” of the user in a variety of different situations, in the office , the street or the house. However, they remain true to the rule that wants the Surface series to offer a familiar and complete user experience focusing on productivity.

Surface Go 2

The new Surface Go 2 is ideal for those who put flexibility above all else, without this meaning that they overlook productivity. It is the smallest in size and lightest “2-in-1” system of Microsoft, a proposal that is flexible and at the same time efficient. The 10.5-inch screen guarantees comfortable use through a large desktop while the autonomy that reaches 10 hours ensures that at any time of the day and if you need it, the Go 2 will declare “present”.

Its versatile character is its biggest advantage, as it has the ability to switch between laptop and tablet at the moment. In fact, its advanced technical features offer a productive and at the same time enjoyable user experience – 64% faster than the Surface Go. With Intel Pentium Gold or Core m3 processors, up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB capacity, with Wi-Fi and optional LTE, the Go 2 will completely cover you wherever you are, whatever you do.

Surface Pro 7

For those of you who want speed at work, whether you are in the office or on the road, the Surface Pro 7 is the perfect choice. This is a “2-in-1” that emphasizes speed and connectivity. The high-resolution 12.3-inch touch screen automatically adjusts to lighting conditions for optimal experience and autonomy, while the dual long-range microphone delivers crystal clear dialing and text dictation.

The Instant On function means that by opening the optional Type Cover, the system will be fully functional putting an end to unnecessary waiting. At the same time the Intel Core processor is able to manage even the most demanding applications. At the same time, the user can connect with one movement the necessary peripherals and accessories via USB-C and USB-A and work comfortably. 

The new Surface devices are here

Microsoft Surface devices come to “zero” the distance from the office to your kitchen, in the new reality of remote working. Equipped with the latest technology, with solid construction and flexible character, they are ready to meet the needs of the modern professional wherever he chooses to work, communicate and be entertained. Capable of meeting the role of both tablet and laptop, they are the epitome of portability and the definition of value for money in the “2-in-1” category. 

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface series here:

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