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Samsung unveils OLED laptop with 1mm frame

The thinnest bezel, sub-screen camera and OLED display will all be in the new Samsung laptops.

It turns out that Samsung at CES 2021 showed not only new smartphones and home appliances, but also showed a new technology for laptops with OLED displays, which marketers called BLADE BEZEL.

This is at the same time a frame around the screen with a thickness of only one millimeter versus 2.1 mm in previous Samsung laptops, as well as a sub-screen camera. Thanks to this, the screen area to the side will grow by 8 percent – up to 93 percent. The devices are also likely to become 30 percent lighter than most laptops on the market. But in reality we are talking about 50 grams of weight.

As a result, as in many cases, at CES 2021 they showed the technology and the idea, namely the product is not presented at the moment.

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