Surface Laptop SE: Windows 11 SE Education Laptop

Surface Laptop SE

Surface Laptop SE is the affordable proposal launched by Microsoft for the educational market. A laptop with simple features at a very reasonable price with which to gain presence in the classroom and follow the path opened by other companies in the sector of cheap devices.

Surface Laptop SE, a very affordable laptop for schools

Microsoft gives the answer toschool Chromebooks and iPads by announcing the launch of the Surface Laptop SE . A laptop that is also a pioneer in the Windows 11 SE license. The new version of the limited operating system will arrive later on computers from Acer , ASUS , Dell , Dynabook , Fujitsu , HP , Lenovo .

Laptop Features

The Surface Laptop SE is a device with a plastic casing and an 11.6-inch screen . The laptop integrates a 720-pixel front camera , and has been designed to facilitate repair in schools by providing accessible screws at the bottom. This PC has the same keyboard and trackpad as the Surface Laptop Go .

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Surface Laptop SE

The configuration of this Microsoft product is super basic, to distribute it at the lowest possible price. For this, it uses Intel Celeron processors ( N4020 or 4120 ), accompanied by 4 GB or 8 GB of memory and 64 GB or 128 GB of eMMC storage .

More details of the product

In the laptop we find a USB-A port and another USB-C . The other additional connector of the equipment is the power connector, cylindrical type. According to the manufacturer, this computer offers up to 16 hours of autonomy with “typical” use.

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The brand new Laptop SE of Microsoft has a ratio of 16: 9 , unlike 3: 2 and other Surface of the company. The launch price of the product is $ 250 . Company sources have indicated that they expect most of these devices to be available for order through educational channels later this year or early 2022 .

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