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20% of Americans don’t want Apple’s next smartphone to be called the iPhone 13

Apple is set to release the next generation of its flagship smartphones this fall. The exact name of the new line is still unknown – some insiders say that the iPhone 12 will replace the iPhone 13, while others insist that the company will return to the old naming scheme and release the iPhone 12s.

And on the eve of the launch of a new generation of iPhone, the platform for selling mobile electronics SellCell decided to find out how users feel about the fact that the new generation may be called the iPhone 13.

About 3,000 Americans aged 18 and over took part in the SellCell survey. And most of them turned out to be extremely superstitious. 74% of respondents believe that the next iPhone should not be called iPhone 13. At the same time, triskaidekaphobia, as the painful fear of the number 13 is called, will prevent one in five users from buying a new iPhone if this unfortunate number is in their name.

For the name iPhone 13, 26% of respondents voted. And most of the respondents believe that the new generation of Apple smartphones should be called simply iPhone (2021). Another 16% of users choose the name iPhone 21.13% voted for the iPhone 12s, and 7% expect Apple to skip the iPhone 13 and immediately release the iPhone 14.

It is noted that about one in ten Americans considers the number 13 unlucky and tries to avoid it in every possible way. And it is possible that due to superstitions, Apple will really lose some of the potential buyers of new smartphones if it calls the iPhone 13 series.

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