8 new features for your Google Pixel
8 new features for your Google Pixel
8 new features for your Google Pixel

8 new features for your Google Pixel

Google Pixel phones  are starting to receive the June Feature Drop , which comes with eight interesting features to expand the possibilities of your smartphone.

These are the 8 new features that await your Google Pixel

More security with the Google Assistant:

The first novelty announced by the company of the big G is related to the Google Assistant. And it is that this can share your location in case of emergency. You will only have to ask it to initiate a security control for X minutes and, if you do not interact with your mobile in that time, your emergency contacts will receive a notification with your location in real time.

Help in the event of a traffic accident:

Also focused on the safety of drivers, this new function will contact the emergency services and share your location in real time with your emergency contacts in case it detects that you have had a traffic accident.

Macro focus on videos:

In addition, now we can also use the Macro Focus of the Pixel 7 Pro for video recording.

Photos with automatic shooting:

Phones Pixel 6 and up now have auto-shot photos just by raising your hand. This gesture will trigger a countdown with a 3 or 10 second timer.

New Cinematic Backgrounds:

Also in Pixel 6 onwards you can use new cinematographic backgrounds, with a 3D effect by converting photos into 2D, thanks to AI.

Quick access to your home devices:

Now you can access your home automation devices from the Pixel’s lock screen, through the Google Home app.

Smart Haptics:

On the Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a phones we now have adaptive haptics that allows us to reduce the intensity of vibration when the device detects a flat and rigid surface, such as a table.

Adaptive Load:

There is also now a new charging function adapted to your habits, which allows us to use Google’s AI to protect and increase the life of the Pixel’s battery. Now when you connect your smartphone to a charger, the AI ​​will take into account your previous charging habits to trickle charge to optimize your charging cycles.