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An image of the Huawei P70 Art smartphone with advanced optics has been published

Huawei P70 Art smartphone
Huawei P70 Art smartphone

Huawei has developed a new smartphone that will receive advanced main camera functions – Huawei P70 Art. An image of the future new product was published by insider Rodent950 on a Chinese social network – it was created based on a photograph of the frame of the main module. Images of the standard version of Huawei P70 were also previously published by Digital Chat Station.

The Huawei P70 Art smartphone will receive an advanced camera, another source said. The main module will have an inch Sony IMX989 sensor. This sensor is quite advanced and has a pixel size of 1.60µm. Matrix resolution – 50 megapixels. Most of the 2023 flagships received this matrix: Oppo Find X6 Pro, Vivo X100 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The optics on this camera will have a variable aperture. This will provide additional opportunities when shooting with the main module of the smartphone.

The source said that the main camera will receive a 1GP6 lens. These are quite expensive optics, which have molded glass elements and six plastic elements. Lens production will be carried out by Largan and Sunny Optical.

Huawei P70 Art will receive two additional modules. With ultra-wide-angle and periscope optics. Their characteristics have not yet been disclosed.

Below is an image of the Huawei P70, published earlier, which has a similar arrangement of the main camera modules:

The Huawei P70 Art smartphone will be more expensive than the main (basic) version of the device. It was separately specified that the smartphone will receive a periscope television module.

The source also gave a detailed description of the entire line of future Huawei P70 smartphones.

“The key advantages of the P70 series cameras are: 1) Use of a telephoto lens with a periscope. The P70 uses a 5P (1/3.6″) lens, while the P70 Pro and P70 Art use a 6P (1/2.5″) lens, and 2) the P70 Art wide camera uses a high-quality 1/2.5″ lens. 1″ CIS with 1G6P hybrid lens, with the price of the 1G6P lens being about 4-5 times the price of the 7P lens due to the use of molded glass. It is worth noting that since Largan and Sunny Optical produce molded glass, it is profitable . ”

Previously, the Oppo Find X7 Ultra camera was announced with the latest Sony inch matrix. The new Sony LYT-600 (50 megapixel) matrix is ​​used in a module with F/1.8 optics and optical image stabilization (OIS). This module has a focal length of 23 mm. By the way, the camera system was developed jointly with Hasselblad.

The second main camera module of the smartphone is equipped with a Sony LYT-600 sensor (50 MP, 1/2-inch optical format) and optics with a focal length of 14 mm (ultra-wide-angle module) and F/2.0 aperture. Moreover, the minimum focusing distance for this module is 4 cm.

The periscope module has an advanced Sony IMX890 sensor of 1/1.56-inch optical format and optics with a focal length (equivalent) of 65mm and an F/2.6 aperture. This module provides 3x optical zoom, and the minimum focusing distance is 25 cm. It also has an optical image stabilization system (OIS).

The fourth module uses a Sony IMX858 sensor and optics with a focal length of 135mm, and an OIS system. The second periscope module provides 6x zoom and a minimum focusing distance of 35 cm.

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