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Apple Watch 6 is getting smarter

The best-selling wristwatch in the world is not made by Casio or Swatch, but Apple. Now comes the Apple Watch Series 6, which has become even smarter, even more readable, and even more usable.

All smartwatches can take the pulse of you, all have fitness apps or the ability to add apps, and some also measure the oxygen level in the blood.

So does the sixth-generation Apple Watch, which has a new internal, dual-core S6 processor, which is not only 20 percent faster according to Apple, but also smarter.

Takes care of you while you sleep

Photo: Apple

Along with several new sensors and the new Apple Watch is able to measure and display the oxygen level in the blood, and alert if it drops to life-threatening levels. The oxygen test is done with a light touch, and the result can be read on the new screen in 15 seconds.

The watch can also measure the level when you sleep with it on, and if the level drops below the 95-100% as it should be, you are warned before you risk cardiac arrest.

Brighter screen

Apple Watch Series 6 also comes in (PRODUCT) RED edition. Photo: Apple

Series 6 has also got a better screen, which is always on, with 2.5 x better brightness, so that it is more readable in sunlight, and Apple has updated the design of, among other things, the straps, dials that have also become many more, and also introduces a silicone strap without a lock.

It comes in several sizes, seven colors, and is elastic like an elastic band.

Photo: Apple

At the same time, a braided fabric strap without a lock is also made available, also in several colors.

Photo: Apple

There are also a number of different dials as mentioned, adapted to almost any purpose.

Photo: Apple

Also GMT, or dials with time zones, in a number of variants.

Photo: Apple

Apple Watch 6 with Hérmes leather strap. Photo: Apple

Family friendly

A brand new thing with Series 6, is the ability to set up an Apple Watch for the kids, or older for that matter, that gives parents control over who the kids can call, and makes it easier to send messages.

Cheaper Apple Watch SE

A simpler Apple Watch will also be available in the form of the SE model. It is based on the fourth generation Apple Watch, and will be like Series 6, available both with and without LTE, or the ability to make calls with the Apple Watch.

Photo. Apple

A new app called Apple Fitness + is also released for the Apple Watch. It logs training activities, heart rate, calorie consumption and much more, and users can log everything on their mobile, and you can also find training videos on an iPad, Apple TV or mobile, which can be used with the Fitness + app on Apple Watch.

Photo. Apple

Apple Watch 6 in brief:



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