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Asus ROG Phone 5 – New gaming phone leaked

Rumors about a new gaming smartphone from ASUS appeared on the network for a long time – the manufacturer, apparently, does not really hide the features of the smartphone or is even interested in the hype around the new gadget. And although to this day there is no exact data on the key characteristics of the gaming flagship, design features, or even a release date with a cost, users can be happy to familiarize themselves with the design of the device – a seven-second video appeared on the Subhrojit Mallick YouTube channel, in which the new ROG Phone is presented in all its glory. And, what is most surprising, ASUS is in no hurry to block this video.

If you believe this video, despite all the rumors about a radical change in the design of the body of the new smartphone, ROG Phone 4 looks almost exactly the same as the third numbered version of the gadget. The rear panel has received the same design features, texture and lettering, but there is also a new element – an additional small display is located at the back. So far, it is not entirely clear what kind of information will be displayed there, but the user on the video himself changed the cards on the main screen, changing the image on the secondary display. Perhaps, information about incoming messages or calls will be displayed there.

The insider also reminds, referencing the same video, that the new smartphone may be called ROG Phone 5, and not ROG Phone 4. The fact is that previously there have been photos on which “05” is written on the body, and several sources give this name. A similar inscription can be seen on the back of the smartphone in the video next to the secondary display. Perhaps this is just part of some clever marketing, or maybe ASUS really decided to jump over the “4” in the name.

In any case, if a smartphone is used in a public place where other people, perhaps not related to the development of a smartphone, walk, then the announcement should take place as soon as possible. Otherwise, the gadget would be in complete secrecy at the factory.

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