Bloomberg journalist reveals details about the iPhone 13

Bloomberg journalist reveals details about the iPhone 13

About a month remains before the announcement of the new iPhone series. Well-known insider and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman continues to share information about future iPhones. He reminded again that one should not expect something radically new. This was reported in a private mailing list Bloomberg Power On.

According to Mark, the imminent launch of new iPhones this year is already causing a stir. The key focus will be on improving camera performance and speeding up device performance. The design will not change. In other words, the classic Apple “S” model is expected. (More on this below).

Design and camera

The same dimensions are expected to be 5.4 “and 6.1” for the classic models, respectively 6.1 “and 6.7” for the Pro version. The design will barely change, except that the notch at the top of the screen gets smaller.

Some new features are in preparation for the camera. One of these is the portrait mode while shooting video called Cinematic Video. It will automatically, based on artificial intelligence, highlight the person and blur the background to give the frames a cinematic effect. The amount of blur will be customizable.

There will be support for the professional format ProRes, which is designed for advanced video editing and is used in the film industry. It provides more options for editing, but clips in this format take up more space. Presumably ProRes will be exclusive to iPhone 13 Pro models.


The system will run on a faster A15 processor with the same number of cores as the A14 chip. A more technological screen is expected, which will allow the use of Apple ProMotion technology (120 Hz screen refresh rate), presumably, will only be in Pro models of the smartphone. Perhaps there will be an Always On Display mode (always on screen).


Mark believes that despite the small changes, the new model should be called the iPhone 13, not the 12S. Apple typically uses the “S” mark to indicate that the new iPhone has a minor change, but there is a more compelling reason in the current situation.

The fact is that the number 13 is considered unlucky for many people in the world. Most likely iPhone 13 will be skipped by the company and replaced by iPhone 12S. Or the company can go the other way – just get rid of the ever-growing numbers in the name of its gadgets. Mark Gurman believes that it is high time Apple did it, as it did with the iPad. In his opinion, hypothetical iOS 19, iPhone 15S and Apple Watch Series 11 in 2025 sound absurd, the numbers have become too large.

Anti-CSAM Supplement

Apple Announces New Details on Its System for Combating Child Sexually Abused Materials (CSAM)

The company hopes to allay privacy concerns. For example, Apple says that they will not be notified of accounts that contain less than 30 prohibited images. But this number may change in the future.

Apple also said that its database will consist of information from multiple organizations in different regions, not just NCMEC as originally stated.

Third, the company said the database will be independently reviewed by an independent person to allay fears that governments may use Apple’s system to spy on users.

For those who missed it all – Apple announced the launch of the new technology in the next versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and iMessage. It will detect potentially child abuse elements (CSAM) images on user devices.

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