Cheap smartphones will get faster – Android 12 Go Edition Unveiled

Cheap smartphones will get faster. Introduced Android 12 Go Edition
Cheap smartphones will get faster. Introduced Android 12 Go Edition

Google unveiled Android 12 Go Edition. The new OS will appear sometime there next year, and we were not told even half a year. But Android 11 Go Edition appeared on smartphones a month or two after the announcement.

In general, what’s new? Most importantly, the new OS is faster. Google promises 30% faster performance, not least thanks to redesigned animations. They are made so that the user does not get the feeling of long loading, which is good.

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The company also worked on optimization in the matter of energy consumption, and assures that everything has gotten better. How much is unclear. But this is realized, among other things, by putting into sleep mode applications that have been inactive for a long time.

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Since Android 12 Go Edition is aimed not only at budget smartphones, but also at markets with a poor level of economic development and often not the most accessible Internet, it became possible to transfer to another user not just some of your files, but an application. Nearby Share is used, and the recipient gets rid of the need to download software. Convenient, but the scenario is frankly specific.

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On the screen of running applications, buttons with a translator and a listening function (text reading) appeared, and Google also simplified the guest mode and worked on privacy.

By the way, I think Android Go Editions may disappear in the next couple of years. Even budget smartphones are becoming more powerful, and soon the need for this kind of optimized system may disappear.

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