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COVID-19 Notifications Feature Available to “Old” iPhones with iOS 12.5

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Apple has released a new software update for older iPhone models that do not support iOS 14. This software update, named “iOS 12.5”, brings the COVID-19 exposure notification feature, which is available with iOS 14, to models such as iPhone 6.

US-based technology giant Apple has decided to develop a special software as part of the COVID-19 outbreak. This special algorithm, prepared as ” COVID-19 exposure notification “, helped users to maintain social distance and thus control the epidemic. This feature, which can be used in new generation iPhone models, can now be experienced by users on older iPhone models.

Apple has released a new software update for popular models such as iPhone 6 that do not support iOS 14. This software update, called “iOS 12.5 “, was basically designed in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. The company, which includes older model iPhone users in the COVID-19 exposure notification, also brings some security improvements to users with this version.

How does the COVID-19 exposure reporting work?

COVID-19 exposure notifications are a Bluetooth-based service , just like the HES application . The iPhone models, which constantly emit signals to the environment, warn users in situations where social distance is exceeded. The algorithm, where users can add the COVID-19 test results voluntarily, makes the necessary warning in case of contact with a positive person and informs the user exposed to COVID-19 .

Apple does not provide detailed information about iOS 12.5, which it offers for iPhone models that do not support iOS 14 . As we already mentioned at the beginning of our news, this version focuses only on COVID-19 and allows users to be careful about the epidemic. However, Apple states that the feature in question can be used if supported by local health units.