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DOOGEE S96 GT: New smartphone with night vision camera


If you are waiting to renew your mobile to find a truly original smartphone, that brings something different to everything that already exists on the market, stop looking. The new  DOOGEE S96 GT is on the verge of candy and in this article we want to tell you everything you need to know before buying it. It is one of the  most anticipated rugged mobiles .

In addition, we have also hunted down their first offers so that you do not miss out. Its launch is scheduled for mid-October 2022, so in a few days we will have it with us. These are its most outstanding points and the stores where you will have the opportunity to get it at the best price. Take note!

A design from another galaxy

Already with the first photographs of this smartphone we can realize that the manufacturer has made an effort to offer us a product with a very careful and striking design . Available in two colors, we have the possibility of buying it in full black or black with the edges in a golden tone. In addition to its rough appearance, which tells us from the first moment we see it that we are facing an ultra-resistant device (that is, rugged), its powerful rear camera module also stands out, which takes center stage. As for the colors, it comes with a limited edition in a golden yellow tone.

In addition, its resistance is also guaranteed by  IP68, IP69K  certificates and the military standard  MIL-STD-810H. This means that we can subject it to extreme conditions without it being damaged. For this reason, it is ideal for those people with jobs in which the device can suffer from water, dust, falls, shocks… If you feel identified with this, this model is your best answer. In the cameras we will stop later, but in the design section we can also talk about its  screen , which has a size of 6.22 inches and offers Corning Gorilla Glass protection so that it is not damaged in the event of bumps or scratches. All-proof!

A performance made for everyone

If what concerns you is the performance of this device, do not worry, because it will not leave you hanging. This DOOGEE S96 GT, which comes powered by a Helio G95 chip  , which makes it a fast, smooth and secure device. In addition, the processor is accompanied by  256 GB , but it will never be too short because it has a slot compatible with memory cards up to 1 TB. Brutal.

Thanks to this we will have more than enough storage so that you can download all the apps you want, save years and years of photographs, even make videos and store them without fear of suddenly getting the “insufficient storage” message.

A brutal battery

Another very important aspect in mobile devices is autonomy. In this case, this DOOGEE S96 GT arrives with a capacity of  6,320 mAh , which will last us at least a couple of days with average use without having to worry about looking for the charger.

In addition, to enhance it more and make it stretch like gum, the operating system is  Android 12 OS , which helps us to obtain better efficiency and squeeze the device, taking advantage of all its resources but in a way that the battery does not suffer. This improves compared to the previous generation that mounted Android 10 OS, so we find an important qualitative leap.

Night vision camera

But without a doubt the greatest strength of this device is that it has a night vision camera . There is an asterisk at this point and it is that although it is not the first mobile with this quality (the DOOGEE S96 Pro already included it), but it is the first that is capable of capturing anything at a distance of 15 meters. This detail is very important so that you can enjoy almost perfect results with your new smartphone.

In addition to this night vision, we also have a resolution of  48 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP  on the back to capture everything in great detail and a front resolution of  32 MP  so that no selfie can resist you. Today mobile cameras are essential since most of us go only with the mobile in our day to day, we even use it for professional matters, for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, for our vacations… For this reason, opt for a camera that measures up is super important.

A very tight price

And last but not least, we want to talk about its price. The DOOGEE S96 GT walks among the most important stores in the world with a very interesting launch offer. If you liked what we have told you about it, do not miss the opportunity because from its premiere there will be options to get juicy discounts and save some money, either if we want to buy it for ourselves or if we have proposed it as a Christmas present for another person.

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