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Foxconn recruits huge workforce to catch iPhone 13 launch

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 13 line, Foxconn is in a hurry to hire 200,000 new workers by the end of September. This informs edition of South China Morning Post.

According to the deputy general manager of the enterprise, Wang Xue, hiring enough labor is the biggest obstacle to production. Foxconn’s quest to staff its staff is actively supported by local authorities, who have provided 100 buses to take workers from their homes to and from the factory gates.

Foxconn is confident that by the end of September, at the current rate of recruitment, they will be able to hire 200,000 new employees. The Zhengzhou plant can house up to 350,000 assembly line workers and produce up to 500,000 new iPhones every day.

The name of the upcoming line of Apple smartphones has once again been confirmed by a photo leaked to the network of labels for sealing in boxes. The most reliable insiders claim that the 2021 iPhone lineup will be called the iPhone 13, but some on social media are suggesting the name iPhone 12S.

Although the accuracy of the image is unknown, even earlier this time of year, as the launch date of the device approached, it was not uncommon to see photos of yet-to-be-released iPhones.

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