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Google SMS app will soon stop working on non-certified Android smartphones

Google’s Messages app, which is the official SMS client on Android devices, may not be the most requested app on this platform. Nevertheless, it is pre-installed on many smartphones and will suit most users. But, apparently, very soon the owners of some devices will have to look for a replacement – the application will stop working on uncertified Android smartphones in April 2021.

According to the resource XDA Developers, new lines were found in the APK file of the Messages application with a corresponding warning:

<string name = “ip_compliance_warning_message”> On March 31, Messages will stop working on uncertified devices, including this one. </string>

Thus, it is assumed that March 31, 2021 is the last day that the Messages application will work on smartphones that have not passed Google certification. These devices usually do not come with the search giant’s recommended apps and services, but in practice, manufacturers and users themselves often install them. As for Messages, this application does not require a Google account, so it works seamlessly on any smartphone, including Huawei.

It seems that now this practice will change, and this is most likely due to the deployment of end-to-end encryption of the RCS protocol, since Google will not be able to guarantee the security of uncertified devices. Considering how small RCS’s user base is compared to GMS, such an initiative by Google doesn’t seem entirely appropriate.

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