Huawei Pura 70 consists of 90% Chinese-made components


Yesterday, April 29, the information publication Huawei Central, citing specialists from the Japanese research company Formalhaut Techno Solution, reported that the flagship smartphones of the Huawei Pura 70 series consist of 90% components produced by Chinese suppliers. We are talking about systems on a chip, screens, cases, batteries and even lenses.

These products are supplied by a number of local manufacturers:

  • OFILM.
  • HNLens Technology.
  • Goertek.
  • Sunny Optical.
  • B.O.E.
  • Goodix Technology.
  • Crystal Optoelectronics.

With the Pura 70 Ultra, the percentage of its own components is slightly lower due to the Sony camera, which was developed in Japan, but overall the manufacturer is on the verge of complete import substitution and absolute independence from American technologies, licenses and developments. It is likely that in the near future Huawei will be able to demonstrate a component base that is 100% made from Chinese parts. Moreover, researchers from TrendForce previously noted that Huawei is extremely actively cooperating with Chinese suppliers, giving preference to domestic electronic components for its smartphones. Probably, these components are also cheaper than those from foreign manufacturers.