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HUAWEI Pura 70 smartphones are 35% more popular

HUAWEI Pura 70
HUAWEI Pura 70

M.Video-Eldorado Group records increased demand for the HUAWEI Pura 70 series of smartphones in the first month and a half of sales – it is 35% higher in monetary terms and 33% higher in units compared to the previous flagship HUAWEI P60 series . The main driver in the new HUAWEI Pura 70 line was the junior HUAWEI Pura 70 model, which took up more than 61% of all sales in the series.

As for exclusive positions, in the stores of the M.Video-Eldorado Group and online channels, HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra smartphones in the colors “Brown” and “Green” took almost 70% of sales of all Pura 70 Ultra devices. Russians also appreciated the new color “Barbie” Pink, which took almost 20% of sales of the “junior” version of Pura 70.

The HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra features an innovative pop-up ultra-camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor and the widest physical aperture of f/1.6 among 1-inch sensors. The smartphone can capture objects moving at a record speed of 300 km/h, whether it is a racing car racing on the track or a high-speed maglev train.


The HUAWEI Pura 70 series smartphones come with their own AppGallery app store (top 3 among app stores in the world) pre-installed, which allows you to download all the necessary applications, including banking applications such as Sberbank and Tinkoff, Google services, Yandex, VK, Litres, Okko and others. AppGallery supports payments in applications and games from Russian bank cards and mobile accounts of MTS, Beeline and Tele 2 operators. The service also supports applications for contactless payment – SBPay, Mir Pay, Yandex Pay and others.

The HUAWEI Pura 70 Series smartphones are 100% more resistant to drop damage thanks to the next-generation Kunlun Glass . The HUAWEI Pura 70 and HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro are equipped with super-strong Kunlun Glass, while the HUAWEI Pura Ultra features wear-resistant Kunlun Glass that uses Crystal Armor scratch-resistant technology to further improve the screen’s drop resistance.

The HUAWEI Pura 70 Series achieves the perfect balance between battery life, fast charging speed and body thickness by refining the charging architecture. The HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro and HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra are only 8.4 mm thick, but they pack a large 5050 mAh and 5200 mAh battery, respectively.

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