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Huawei’s Mate X2 foldable smartphone arrives in February

Mate X2

Despite earlier rumors that Huawei will stop manufacturing and selling smartphones in 2021, the company is still announcing its new flagship – not simple, but foldable – and announcing an official release date. According to Huawei’s official Weibo account, the next foldable phone from the Chinese manufacturer will be called the Mate X2 and will hit the market on February 22nd.


Mate X2 foldable smartphone clamshell phone with foldable screen from Huawei


The teaser image hints to us that this time the flexible display will fold inward, as opposed to how the screen of the models Mate Xs and Mate X “rolled” outward. It is interesting to see how Huawei tries to surpass Samsung in all the endeavors of its Korean competitor, for example, this situation arose after the release of the Galaxy Fold in 2019.

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu added that he has been using the Mate X2 “for some time” and that this smartphone is “full of surprises.” Richard loves to tease people with his intriguing comments, but we’re wondering how many devices the manufacturer will be able to offer this year (although Huawei has never shared such numbers), given the acute shortage of its own flagship mobile processors and Samsung’s refusal to supply components for Huawei’s foldable smartphones.

More importantly, whether Huawei will have enough devices to sell outside of China this time around. We will most likely find out in a few weeks.

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