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iOS 16 is out and here’s what’s new

iOS 16 is out now
iOS 16 is out now

In addition to the recent presentation of the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8 watches , we can report that the bitten apple has launched the new iteration of its flagship operating system. We are talking, of course, about iOS 16, which is already available for download and installation. With that said, on this occasion we will review the OS news and you are more than invited to the appointment.

iOS 16: lock screen

New customization possibilities arrive for the iPhone lock screen . Now we can change everything from the colors to the font, not to mention the option to add Widgets. In a similar vein to the Apple Watch interfaces, it will be possible to create multiple lock screens, each with its own wallpaper and widgets, and easily switch between them.


If you’re a fan of using Widgets to keep track of time, date, events, alarms, activity circles, social networks or whatever, congratulations! iOS 16 brings with it tons and support for your favorite apps.


In a nutshell, with the new simplified settings you can select which apps and people you want to receive notifications from. This gives us the ability to create a personal approach and a work and productivity oriented approach with custom widgets . As if that weren’t enough, we can switch between them with just a swipe of our finger and the so-called focus filters help us put aside distractions in day-to-day apps.

Battery indicator

The battery percentage indicator finally returns to iOS after a long absence that started in 2017. However, not all devices will enjoy this old benefit; To put it in context, the iPhone 11, XR, and 12 mini and 13 mini do not receive this feature.

iOS 16: Shared Photo Library

By setting up or joining a Shared Photo Library, you can add previously taken photos based on the date or people in the photos. Additionally, there is the ability to automatically share images when other members of the library are nearby.

It is also worth mentioning that now everyone can have the same permissions to add, edit and delete the photos. The descriptions and keywords of the photos are automatically synchronized.


As we have previously reported, iOS 16 allows you to cancel recently sent messages or edit them. Speaking of messages, SharePlay makes its debut in them, so you can enjoy your series, songs or movies with other people while they talk through Messages.


Dictation improvements coming to iOS 16 mean the feature will be better than ever. Now allows you to use your voice and keyboard in unison to enter and edit text. We can automatically add commas, periods and question marks while we dictate and even place emojis with the voice.


Apple’s wallet app gets ID verification in the app, which could be useful if you don’t want to share personal information with someone, but need to prove age. Wallet also receives the ability to share digital keys via Messages, Mail or WhatsApp .


New features in the mail app include scheduled sends, reminders if you forget attachments or if either party forgets to reply . Soon you should also have the ability to retrieve sent messages.

Gmail, Chrome and Google Maps

Google apps also want to be on the iOS 16 lock screen. In this sense, it is now possible to add quick access to the search engine, access to Drive favorites and unread emails from the lock screen.

iOS 16: Health and Fitness

A new medication feature in the health app will help you track and manage medications, vitamins, and supplements by creating a list, custom calendars, and reminders.

For its part, the Fitness app for iPhone becomes available and uses the device’s motion sensors to measure steps, distance traveled and workouts in third-party apps.

We cannot forget the monitoring of the menstrual cycle, which alerts the ladies in case of detecting irregularities in the period.

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