Motorola Razr Lite first images revealed

Motorola Razr Lite
Motorola Razr Lite

Motorola Razr, a historic line of mobiles for the manufacturer, has established itself as the new generation bet when it comes to folding screen design. For this 2023 it is already confirmed that we will have a new version on the market, but the latest leaks also show the design of a second, more affordable model that would bear the name of Motorola Razr Lite .

Motorola Razr Lite is this week’s surprise in terms of the manufacturer’s future in the folding mobile market, since until now we have only had a single version with each new release. The standard model is expected to include significant improvements at the specification level as well as a larger external screen, so this proposal would be designed to also maintain a cheaper option in stores.

Motorola Razr Lite, few confirmed details

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Motorola Razr Lite would only show simple notifications on its outer panel

The information published by 9to5Google shows an image that would consist of a render of the design of this phone, but unfortunately there are no other details that clarify a better picture of what to expect from the technical characteristics of this future folding mobile. It would not be strange if the components coincide with the current model .

Taking into account that for the next Motorola Razr it is expected to arrive with an external screen that occupies the entire upper half of the device when it is folded, the shared image contrasts remarkably when a small secondary panel can be seen that would only represent 25% of the half. back of the terminal , and which also includes the cameras next to it.

It is worth remembering that during the past MWC 2023, the CEO of Lenovo confirmed that Motorola will launch a new version of its folding phone and that it will hit stores this year. Although no specific date or time was given for its announcement, the most recent speculation speaks of a possible presentation event in June.

What do you think of the existence of the Motorola Razr Lite ? What price range do you think it should have to be worth it?

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