Oppo and Kodak Launch X3 Pro Photographer smartphone

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As you know, the main enemy of the photo business, if not a killer, has become smartphones, or rather, their rapidly growing capabilities for taking photos and videos. Phone manufacturers see an important competitive advantage in improving this functionality of their devices.

Therefore, “smartphones” are trying with all their might to take advantage of the developments of well-known photo manufacturers. The Nokia-Carl Zeiss alliance was its first experience, followed by Huawei-Leica , Sharp-Leica , Samsung-Olympus ,  OnePlus-Hasselblad … then improve financial performance.

Oppo X3 Pro Photographer Edition Package Contents

Another news – Oppo and Kodak entered into a partnership and released a new smartphone Oppo X3 Pro Photographer Edition , but here, according to the information of the resource Gizmochina, we are not talking about using any optical developments of Kodak, but only about a new version of the design of the flagship Oppo X3 Pro:

“This is the same flagship Oppo Find X3 Pro with dual 50MP cameras. The difference is that this device will have a matte silver top and a black leather bottom, reminiscent of the classic Kodak 35 camera. The device will come with a protective case made of the same materials. and the box will have an oval shape with a lid that also resembles the Kodak 35 “body.

Photo camera Kodak 35, photo from the site  Vintagefindz

As a reminder, the Kodak 35, Eastman Kodak’s first 35mm camera, released in 1938, also received a distinctive design: a chrome-plated matte metal top and a black leather bottom. This style has been repeated in the new Oppo X3 Pro Photographer Edition smartphone and its packaging. It turned out elegantly, at the same time, while people associating Kodak with photography are still alive, you can promote the new phone as a cool camera in a company with studio flashes, etc.: