Realme GT5 Pro smartphone will have the most advanced periscope camera

Realme GT5 Pro smartphone will have the most advanced periscope camera
Realme GT5 Pro smartphone will have the most advanced periscope camera

Realme has revealed the date of the announcement of the new flagship smartphone – Realme GT5 Pro. The announcement of a device with a non-standard periscope camera will take place on December 7, 2023. The company also revealed details about the camera of the future product.

In Chinese media, the Realme GT5 Pro smartphone is called the “king of telephoto photography” because it will receive innovative equipment for a periscope module. It will have a Sony IMX890 matrix of 1/1.56-inch optical format. Typically, TV modules use smaller sensors. For example: Samsung JN1 or OmniVision OV64B, which are much easier to equip with optics that allow optical zooming. The Sony IMX890 matrix model is used in flagship-level smartphones as part of a wide-angle module (in the OnePlus 11 smartphone it is the main one).

Thus, Realme decided to install a fairly large sensor in the periscope module. In fact, at the time of publication of the news, this is the largest sensor with such teleoptics among all smartphones. It will be equipped with a lens with an F/2.6 aperture and 3x optical zoom. The module will be equipped with both optical and electronic image stabilization systems (OIS + EIS).

The manufacturing company reports that thanks to this solution, the Realme GT5 Pro smartphone will be able to provide 6x zoom without loss of quality. The maximum zoom factor will be 120x. Of course, with such an increase, the picture will lose sharpness and detail. In this case, you should not count on obtaining quality comparable to the capabilities of the main module without cropping.


The Sony IMX890 sensor has a resolution of 50 megapixels and allows you to receive an image of 8192×6144. The matrix pixel size is 1.0µm.

It is not yet known which matrix will be the main one in the Realme GT5 Pro smartphone, but the source reports that it will be a new generation sensor: Sony Lytia. Which one has not yet been disclosed, although there are six models of similar matrices: a 50 megapixel Sony LYT900 sensor in 1-inch optical format, a sub-flagship sensor – Sony LYT800/808 (1/1.43-inch optical format), as well as model models: LYT700, LYT600 and LYT500.

Most likely a new Realme smartphone. GT5 Pro will receive a Sony LYT800/808 matrix.

It is specified that Realme GT5 Pro will receive an advanced new generation processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The chip has a number of hardware capabilities for processing photos and videos, which should theoretically improve the quality of both pictures and videos.

Realme created the image processing system from the camera together with the American company ArcSoft. She helped with the implementation of semantic features, image enhancement features, and computational lighting.

Also, the new Realme GT5 Pro smartphone should have a high-level AMOLED display with a frequency of 120 Hz. Earlier, one of the foreign sources reported that the smartphone display will be “unique.” A corresponding teaser was even published:

It will be a display from Boe, customized by Realme. By the way, the future flagship OnePlus 12 may have one of the most advanced displays on the market – the BOE X1 model. Details about the Realme GT5 Pro display have not yet been revealed.

However, it was reported that the smartphone will have a capacious battery with fast charging and a proprietary Realme UI 5.0 shell on Android 14.