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Rumors: Apple may release a version of the iPhone 14 without a SIM slot

Apple may release a version of the iPhone 14 without a SIM slot

According to well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is actively discussing the possibility of releasing an iPhone without a SIM card slot. In his latest mailing, Gurman said that Apple may release several iPhone models without a SIM card slot and this will be the next stage in the full transition to eSIM.

Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

According to Gurman, the SIM card slot can be removed on some iPhone 14 – is this really the case, it will become clear in a few days. However, Gurman does not rule out that the changes may not happen until the iPhone 15 next year. It is worth noting that rumors about the possible elimination of the slot for physical SIM-cards have been circulating for more than a year.

“Apple will give eSIM a bigger boost this time around, with carriers gearing up to guide users’ transition to digital, integrated SIMs instead of physical ones. In fact, Apple has considered removing the physical SIM slot completely, either starting this year or next for some models,” Gurman said.

eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows you to use communication services without physical SIM cards. The use of eSIM is rapidly expanding. Support for eSIM allows you to use different tariffs of different operators at the same time and switch between them – this is, for example, convenient when traveling. However, the technology is not available in some countries, so it is possible that even several years after the transition to eSIM, Apple will continue to release two types of iPhone.

eSIM first appeared in the iPhone XS. Getting rid of the SIM card slot could provide better water resistance for smartphones and possibly free up some space under the device’s cover. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 during a special event on Wednesday . In addition to smartphones, the Apple Watch Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE, as well as the Apple Watch Pro and new AirPods Pro headphones are likely to premiere.


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