Samsung First to Use Gorilla Glass with DX / DX + to Protect Smartphone Cameras

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Corning has announced the release of a new protective glass for smartphone cameras. The novelty is called Gorilla Glass with DX / Gorilla Glass with DX +.

Samsung will be the first smartphone maker to equip its devices with a new protective glass. By the way, the Korean company was also the first to use Gorilla Glass with DX in its Galaxy Watch in 2018.

Corning notes that the new protective glass solves several problems at once. Firstly, it is scratch resistant, which means there is less chance that artifacts will start to appear in your photos due to minor damage. Secondly, Gorilla Glass with DX / DX + allows up to 98% of the light to pass through, which allows you to take better pictures. In ordinary glasses, this figure can be about 92%, which means that the camera module captures less light. Corning engineers have succeeded in developing glass that offers the industry’s best combination of optical performance and protection for the ultimate in consumer convenience.

It has not yet been specified which models will be the first to receive Gorilla Glass with DX / DX +. It can be assumed that these will be the foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3, which will be presented on August 11.