Samsung Galaxy S22: Samsung is already testing 8K at 60FPS video

Samsung Galaxy S22

Gizchina has shared the first rumors about Samsung’s flagship smartphones, due out in early 2022. As it turned out, the manufacturer is already actively working on a new generation of flagships under the predictable name – Galaxy S22. The company is working on video recording at 8K resolution at 60 frames per second.

At the moment, testing is not going smoothly enough. The main thing is that a prototype smartphone with a new function overheats after a few minutes of shooting. As one of the ways to solve the problem, the company is considering the release of a new, more productive chipset from the Exynos family – this may happen in the second half of this year. The current Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 1200 support video recording in 8K format only at 30 frames per second and 60 FPS simply do not pull out.

The news of shooting video in 8K resolution shouldn’t surprise many. Of course, everyone remembers that Samsung has added this feature to smartphones from the Galaxy S20 family. Back then, the built-in camera application allowed users to shoot video only at 24 frames per second. Moreover, due to similar problems with overheating, it was not possible to record clips longer than 5 minutes.

Surely future smartphone models will use a new solution that allows you to shoot longer videos in 8K format at 60 frames per second without any problems. However, it is assumed that the introduction of the new platform will not help solve the problem with the overheating of the smartphone – in this case, Samsung may delay the addition of the chip until the launch of the Galaxy S23.

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