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The best Samsung Galaxy wearables and gadgets

Galaxy wearables make everyday life brighter and more comfortable for users. But their capabilities are not limited to this. Here are four non-obvious features of Galaxy wearables that you need to know about.

Smart Lock

In certain situations, for more convenience, you want the smartphone lock to be removed automatically. With Smart Lock , which first appeared on Android 5 in 2014, you can set your device to unlock automatically when you feel safe, temporarily eliminating the need to enter a password or scan your fingerprint.

>Smart Lock

This feature allows you to keep your Galaxy smartphone unlocked when it is connected to the Galaxy smartwatch or when it is near you. For faster access to the applications you need, you can also activate the automatic unlock of the device in a certain safe place, for example, at home.

Buds together

Music sounds better when you listen to it with friends. Function Buds Together’s , first introduced in Galaxy Buds Live , you can easily share your favorite songs with others, while maintaining outstanding sound quality.

Buds together

To use it, just click on the Music Share icon on the quick access bar of your smartphone and select the headphones to which you want to stream audio. After your friend accepts the invitation on their gadget, you can listen to the same melody together on two pairs of Galaxy headphones .


Auto Switch

Many people use one pair of headphones with multiple devices. When switching from one gadget to another, it can be inconvenient to constantly switch the Bluetooth connection. What if your headphones could switch automatically when the need arises?

The Auto Switch feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro makes the headphones run smoothly when switching between devices. For example, if your Galaxy smartphone gets a call while you’re watching a movie on your tablet, it will automatically switch the Bluetooth connection to your phone so you can answer the call right away, without having to manually disconnect the earbuds from the tablet and pair them with your phone.

Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Personal hygiene is now more important than ever, especially when it comes to keeping your hands clean. Samsung has developed the Hand Wash app for the Galaxy smartwatch . It is a practical yet easy way to keep good hygiene in mind. In the app settings, you can enable reminders to wash your hands at regular intervals. In addition, when you start washing your hands, your wearable device automatically starts a timer for 25 seconds, a time recommended by the World Health Organization . The app’s dashboard allows you to track how many times you’ve washed your hands throughout the day, as well as check weekly how much you are doing this good habit.

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