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The first generation Google Pixel can be purchased as a stylish artwork that will surely appeal to Android fans

Old smartphones can be great gifts for collectors, but more often than not they live out their days somewhere in a distant box. However, if you are a fan of Android and, in particular, the Google Pixel line of smartphones, this new product from Grid Studio can be a great gift for you.

Grid Studio turns old smartphones and other gadgets into works of art. Experts disassemble devices into individual components, place them on a canvas, sign and place all this under glass. The result is a stylish picture that can complement the interior of a person who loves technology.

he next addition to the Grid Studio range is the first generation Google Pixel. All internal elements of the smartphone are original, with the exception of the battery, it is a props (which is a thoughtful step, because old batteries that have not been used for a long time can still become a source of ignition).

You can buy a painting from Grid Studio with Google Pixel for a very solid $ 229 (discounted price, usual price tag – $ 259). You can get acquainted with the entire assortment of the studio on its official website .

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