Martin 00L Earth: Greta Thunberg-inspired guitar

00L Earth

The 00L Earth acoustic guitar from CF Martin & Co is positioned as the most environmentally friendly guitar in the world: firstly, the craftsmen did not use plastic, and secondly, the guitar received the FCS certificate of the highest category (this means that wood was used for the production of the instrument. in a way that is sustainable for forest ecosystems).

To emphasize the eco-friendly nature of the guitar, the manufacturer adorned the faceplate with a design by artist Robert Goetzl. As conceived by Martin, 00L Earth acoustics should once again remind the world of the need to solve the problems associated with climate change and the preservation of the planet for posterity. By the way, the artist Robert Getzl noted that Greta Thunberg inspired him to create such an unusual drawing “Let’s Save the Earth”.


Tim Teel, one of Martin’s lead designers, said his firm “takes environmental issues seriously.”

The guitar comes with an eco-friendly hemp-based case. In the US, the 00L Earth was priced at $ 2,250.

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