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Modern Sounds Pluto Modular Synthesizer: Five Modulation Sources for Two Voices with Delay in a Compact Body


Modern Sounds, a young US company, has unveiled the Pluto modular synthesizer, named after the planet Pluto. Unlike complex rack-mount equipment that immediately comes to mind, Pluto’s flat design takes up less space than a standard A4 sheet of paper. In addition, the novelty is completely autonomous – there is a built-in battery with a capacity of 2,500 mAh on board.

The instrument includes a two-voice digital synthesizer, supplemented by five separate modulation sources. They were named after Pluto’s five moons: Charon, Styx, Nyx, Kerbos and Hydra. The modules are connected, as in full-size modular synthesizers, using cables. As a result, complex “randomized Euclidean rhythms” can be obtained.

Pluto also has a 4-key touch keyboard that has managed to fit in the corner of the top panel. In addition, the system provides 4-stage sequencers for each voice. Alternatively, you can use the MIDI and CV inputs, and even add a built-in delay.

As a result, the Pluto owner will receive a compact, self-contained object for unconscious or increasingly conscious musical creation. The price and timing of the appearance of the Pluto modular synthesizer on sale are not yet known.

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